R.I.P Jag Rag, Jacksonville Jaguars fans can no longer buy Duval’s favorite towel

Photo via Deadspin

Photo via Deadspin

After one glorious year of teal and black existence, the Jag Rag is no more.

Jacksonville Jaguars fans tried the make “The Jag Rag” their team’s own version of Pittsburgh’s “Terrible Towel.” In fact, on December 4, 2012, the creators of it explained that they were more than well aware of the connection between their idea and the Steelers’ iconic look, as well as a certain other Jag Rag definition:

I would like to say thank you to everyone who supports The Jag Rag. I am well aware of the urban dictionary definition of “jag rag”, if you purchased one for that reason, then I thank you for your support. However the intentions are for it to be used as a way to show support for the local NFL team in Jacksonville. Is it similar to the Terrible Towel? Yes, and there is only one Terrible Towel. We are a long way from being like the Steelers. Everyone that has been down here to Jacksonville knows how hot it gets in the stadium during the beginning of the season, The Jag Rag is away to help cool people down on those hot humid days. Fact of the mater is, I have a lot of Steeler fans and I ran this idea by all of them. The support was hands down in my favor to move forward. I think if you have something as iconic as the Terrible Towel, don’t look at this a a threat, but as an applaud to what Myron Cope created.

Once again,

Thank You to everyone that supports The Jag Rag.

Bert Sparks

On July 25, 2013, however, the Terrible Towel was here to stay, whereas the Jag Rag was no more.

Whomever wrote the blog post announcing it was just a tad bit more succinct than Mr. Sparks was in his explanation.

Thanks to some hoopla handed to us by the NFL, we’re out of business.

Thank you to those who supported us.


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