Jags fans have started jags-tebow.com, because they are desperate for anything


There’s only been one game so far in the 2013 season for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but fans are already in full-on meltdown mode. That’s what happens when you lose 28-2 to the Kansas City Chiefs.

So what do Jacksonville fans do? They start a website to bring Tebow to Jacksonville. And then they advertise it with signs on the side of the road.

According to jags-tebow.com, it is, in fact, Tebow Time in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville is currently the worst team in the NFL. It seemed like it would be Oakland, but at least the Raiders showed some heart in Week 1. The Jaguars looked incompetent. And, again, take a look at those stadium shots. The Jaguars wouldn’t generate a lot more interest having Tebow, who grew up in the Jacksonville area and became a college hero at the University of Florida?

Tim Tebow Quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars? We say…. WHY THE HECK NOT? The Jags are going no where in 2013 if Opening day is any indication. An embarrassing 28-2 Home loss to the only team as bad as us last year. Look at the photos above. That is 5 minutes to go in a NFL game. Stadium Empty.

Jacksonville will continue to be the same ho hum doormat of the NFL Unless we take action. We have waited enough. We have seen enough. Time for Jacksonville to send a message. We need YOU to help send that message.

Love him or hate him ….Tim Tebow behind center in a Jacksonville Jaguar uniform would change everything.

They pose a good question: “Why the heck not?”

Can it really get any worse than it already is in Jacksonville? At least all of the Tebow-maniacs will show up to the game.

Any and all Jags fans can help in the process. All you have to do is call or text (904) 214-4855.

It’s time to shine, people.

  • Richard Smith


    • JaxFalconDogs Fan

      It’s that old adage – “The grass is always greener…..”

  • paco martinez

    Tim Tebow needs to get BACK to his style of running and passing–they way he used to @ Florida Gators. All this QB throwing motion, foot stance = b.s. — –a LOT of b.s.

    Have you seen Eli Manning (GIANTS) throw the ball? It never spirals.
    BUT the kid’s has WON two Super Bowls. Two rings!!

    It doesn’t matter if you win sloppy;;; just WIN baby! THAT is the only statistic that counts.

    As for Tebow–he is a great athlete, and fierce competitor and AND it takes a TEAM to win ballgames and victory in ballgames is what gets you to the super bowl.

    RB Jeff Demps, Chris Haney or equivalent
    FB TIM TEBOW or equivalent
    TE TIM TEBOW or equivalent

    Wide outs: Riley Cooper and Percy Harvin (or equivalent)

    O.Line Pouncey brothers

    Postseason awards and accomplishments

    The Florida Gators meet with President Barack Obama in April 2009 after winning the national championship.

    Associated Press All-SEC

    All-SEC First Team[5]

    Tim Tebow, QB

    Percy Harvin, (all purpose)

    Brandon Spikes, LB

    Phil Trautwein, OL

    All-SEC Second Team[5]

    Percy Harvin, WR

    Jermaine Cunningham, DL

    Carlos Dunlap, DL

    Joe Haden, CB

    SEC Offensive Player of the Year[5]

    Tim Tebow, QB

    Coaches All-SEC

    All-SEC First Team[6]

    Tim Tebow, QB

    Percy Harvin, WR

    Brandon Spikes, LB

    Phil Trautwein, OL

    Brandon James, RS

    All-SEC Second Team[6]

    Ahmad Black, DB

    Joe Haden, DB

    Mike Pouncey, OL

    Chas Henry, P

    Freshman All-SEC Team[7]

    Jeffery Demps, RB

    Chris Rainey, RB

    Janoris Jenkins, DB

    Will Hill, DB

    Individual awards and accomplishments

    Maxwell Award[8]

    Tim Tebow, QB

    Manning Award[9]

    Tim Tebow, QB

    Walter Camp All-American Second Team[10]

    Percy Harvin, WR

    Wuerffel Trophy[11]

    Tim Tebow, QB

    AP All-American First Team[12]

    Brandon Spikes, LB

    Heisman Memorial Trophy Award Finalist[13]

    Tim Tebow, QB

    Walter Camp All-American First Team[10]

    Brandon Spikes, LB

    all you complainers & naysayers–your time is coming.