Jacksonville fans start ‘Johnny Jaguar’ website, encouraging franchise to ‘draft well’

Is it “Johnny Manziel Time” in Jacksonville, FL? We won’t know until the 2014 NFL Draft, but that doesn’t mean fans can’t already jump on the bandwagon.

Someone has created JohnnyJaguar.com in order to encourage the front office to “draft well.” The website, which has a uniform with “Johnny” on the jersey, reads, “The best reason to see a Jag game this year could be Johnny Jaguar. Passing, running, gashing, and gunning. Pure excitement, and anything but the same old Jags. Draft well my friends.”

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It’s hard to argue with the pitch. If Jacksonville wants to bring a buzz to the Jaguars, and make them a national draw, Manziel is the player in this draft to do it. Whether or not he pans out longterm remains to be seen, but there isn’t a guy available with as much potential both on and off the field for the franchise.

johnny jaguar

  • JJF

    Looks like a Tebow fan made this..

  • Love
  • War4u

    Our GM and Gus are not dummies, they hold their cards next to their chest. Johnny Football is exciting and great. The new reason for fans to see the Jags play and win games. This will be an exciting era in NFL football. Go Jags!!!!!!!!!!