Jacoby Jones asks ‘Do polar bears poo on ice?’ during hilarious Kimmel interview [Video]

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Jacoby Jones became the first player in Super Bowl history to catch a touchdown pass and return a kickoff for a score. With the stud playmaker’s big day comes big sponsorships and big interviews.

Jones appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and basically took the show over. Courtesy of Guyism, we’ve got a great little bit of dialogue between comdian and player.

Jimmy Kimmel: You’re known for your touchdown dances, is that something you think about, plan out beforehand?
Jacoby Jones: Duh!
Jimmy Kimmel: It is?
Jacoby Jones: Listen, I have my dances, make ‘em up and through the week of practice I do them. I do my dance, see what my teammates think and they be like, ‘yea, do that.’
And then the night before the game, I’ll be in the mirror practicing the whole time.

Jimmy Kimmel: Would you consider being on Dancing with the Stars? As a representative of the ABC television network, I would like to offer you the chance to compete on Dancing with the Stars. What do you think about that?
Jacoby Jones: Let me ask you this, do polar bears poo on ice?
Jimmy Kimmel: I’m relatively sure they do though I have not witnessed it.
Jacoby Jones: I hope they don’t do it in water, that’s nasty.

It’s cool if polar bears poo in water, because that’s the ocean. However, little kids doing what they do at the local pool?

Yeah, that’s nasty.

More Jacoby: Jones does the trademark Ray Lewis touchdown dance after his 109-yard kickoff return.

PS – If you were wondering why Jones is wearing sunglasses inside, the reasons are twofold: First, the dude burst a blood vessel in the post-Super Bowl wildness. Second, we all know the sun never sets on a true player.