Jacksonville Jaguars fans launch anti-Tim Tebow website: ‘Even if he’s released’

jaguars fans anti-tebow website

Tim Tebow is from Jacksonville, he starred at Florida, and he is currently looking for work. However, that does not necessarily mean that everyone in the Sunshine State wants to see The Chosen One lacing ’em up for the Jags.

evenifhesreleased.com was launched by anti-Tebow Jags fans (we are looking at you Seminoles and Dawgs), and as of writing it had exactly 88,633 clicks to endorse a Tebow-free team.

What do you think?

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[H/T: SB Nation]

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  • karen collins

    well I will tell you this mr kahn I won’t be going or watching on tv I am a jaq fan but it ends now shame on you

    • Shay Elliott

      Could not agree more….