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Is Jameis Winston Falling On The Sword For FSU?

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Cred: @BourbonGhost

It turns out that Jameis Winston’s “CrabGate” may be more than petit theft and Internet creativity. ESPN’s Marcellus Wiley has opened a new narrative by suggesting that Winston is falling on the sword for FSU athletics. That Publix and FSU have some back room deal which has given players free product for years.

marcellus wiley fsu publix

Wiley also retweeted the following image:

To be fair, this is all rumor and conjecture. Who knows what sources Wiley has – they could be credible, they may not be. And God only knows about the Facebook image – not that the Internet ever lies, or anything. Besides, nothing passes the offseason like a little bit of scandal.

On the other hand, who knows what the hell goes down in Tallahassee. After all, a Heisman winning quarterback – not even six months removed from being exonerated for sexual assault charges – shoplifted $32.72 worth of seafood from Publix after forgetting to pay for the only two things he picked up at the store. The man is apparently bright enough to pick apart D1 defenses, but not coherent enough to stop at one of the 10 counters that you must pass through when leaving a Publix. I don’t know, maybe his head was on final exams.

One thing is for sure: investigative reporters are licking their chops right now. Somebody is assuredly planning on burrowing deep inside FSU’s program – we’re talking Lemmiwinks style.

In the meantime, enjoy the memes.

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