Meet Breion Allen: Jameis Winston’s girlfriend and high school sweetheart

jameis winston girlfriend breion allen 11

With nearly 350 passing yards on 25-of-27 attempts during a Monday night blowout of Pitt, Florida State redshirt freshman Jameis Winston just became the hottest thing since last year’s hottest thing.

The world was introduced to Johnny Manziel’s smokeshow girlfriend, Sarah Savage, and now it’s Breion Allen’s turn to step into the spotlight.

A basketball player at Rice, Allen and Winston have apparently been dating since high school.

[MORE: Instagram Photos of Breion Allen]

[Photos via Breion Allen Twitter, Instagram; H/T: Busted Coverage]


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  • CaptainCommonsense

    I’d hit it.

  • hbk72777

    Has he tried to rape her also?

  • WilmaWonka


  • kylekylekyle

    So he is accused of rape, but says it was consensual and yet she still is with him? Gold digger

    • Stringer Bell

      As Chris Rock says, behind every successful man is a woman who is willing to put up with a lot of s&#$!

  • Stringer Bell

    Very pretty!

  • usurperbarry

    @@ ill bet she’s real proud of the rapist

  • toejam

    She obviously doesn’t care that he has alot of consensual sex.

    • VLAD

      Also non consensual sex!!

  • figures

    Not only a rapist but an illiterate one at that. AJ’s momma was correct!

  • TryThinking1956

    Why isn’t she described as “smoking’ hot” as well? She’s a beautiful girl, too, no? As for the “rape” stuff…I don’t recall all of you screaming about the Steeler’s QB a few years ago when he was accused of the same thing. The little tart knows this kid is on the fast track to stardom, and she wanted to ride along. She learned a valuable lesson – NO MAN TURNS DOWN SOME LEG. And as sweet as they talk if you jump into the sack with them an hour after meeting…you WILL be treated like a dirty tramp in the morning. Take ownership of your behavior.

  • phatman54

    if any of you clowns were not there for the alleged rape ? you really need to shut the fuck up . did you say the same shit about big ben ?or is this a complexion thing i choose the latter. have a bad life assholes.