Jameis Winston responds to critics of his speech on Twitter

After Florida State beat Auburn in the BCS National Championship Game, Jameis Winston gave an on-field interview with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi. The Heisman winner excitedly sputtered and stumbled over words, as he was flushed with waves of emotions.

Immediately afterwards, fans set fire to the Internet and torched Twitter with snark and awe. Even Dee Dee Bonner weighed in (or did she).

With a season in the rearview and a crystal ball in the trophy case, Jameis Winston responded to his critics.

The man may have stumbled on the microphone Monday night, but he damn sure hit the right keystrokes Tuesday morning.


  • bobby womack

    I’m sorry that guy is dumb AND ugly he better thank god every night he can play football or he would be begging for change under a bridge somewhere

    • Dorito McFeces

      I know – just think of poor Tim Tebow.. He coudln’t even play football, and now it seems he can’t speak coherently either. Perhaps soon he will be begging for coins, right?

      • bobby womack

        What the hell are you talking about? Who said tim tebow couldn’t speak coherently ? Stick to the topic

        • Dorito McFeces

          I said it. Also, the topic is coherent speech. I’m not sure if you knew that, but now you do.

    • Vermin_Cain

      And you’ll still be hating, and living in your mom’s basement way into your forties.

      • bobby womack

        Where did you go the jamis winston school of english. ” “still be hating” is incorrect”. Read a book dumbass

        • Dorito McFeces

          As long as we’re nitpicking: have you ever heard of punctuation?

  • Common Sense

    Dee Dee Kent McCarron Bonner McCarron (back to previous married name because NFL) showed the world her ugly bitterness & disgusting hypocrisy. She may not be *racist but she is infamous for attacking people on Twitter who even constructively & professionally critique AJ. (*tweets about Jameis sent by her nephew Rusty and favorited by her, her other son Corey & Katherine show how much they despise him.)

    She promotes herself as a charitable soul who loves children yet has never, not once, tried to promote the efforts to find her brother Dustin Kent’s niece, Brittney Wood – even before he was arrested the first time. Brittney disappeared almost two years ago from his neighborhood.

    Dee Dee and her family knew Brittney (obviously) but has never even so much as sent a RT about her. Nor has she spoken out against her brother’s multiple charges of r@pe & inc3st of multiple children under 12 (large family ped0 ring). She has never distanced herself from her parents who housed him & are likely the “mysterious” benefactor paying for his very expensive private attorney… unless the longterm coverup goes into even deeper pockets.

    A note to Dee Dee – your brother Dustin goes back to court again in Baldwin County on Friday for five of his numerous indictments, correct? Here’s hoping that karma bus keeps on rolling through the charges in Mobile County!

    I also hope you find some of that integrity you always preach about and finally try to do some good for the child victims in your own family. MCSO & KlaasKIDS are still looking for Brittney’s body in Dustin’s old neighborhood – your dad still owns the trailer, right? Maybe you can use that as an opportunity to finally contribute.

    • bobby womack

      You should ask her about that on her twitter page.

  • Anthony13

    You’re assuming he actually tweeted that himself. He’s an uneducated moron.

  • Anthony13

    “Man we some champs”? That’s hitting the right keystrokes? Maybe the author of this piece needs some remedial English lessons, too.

  • TJ

    Easiest route to a National Championship ever! Bethune Cookman, North Dakota State and the pansies of the ACC. Duke in the ACC championship game, yeah right tough schedule. Hell the West div. of the SEC had at least 4 top 20 teams.

    • Dorito McFeces

      And yet, still couldn’t produce a team that could beat Florida State.

  • Robert M. McAdam

    Mr. Winston is a college student?

  • rebel299

    “The man may have stumbled on the microphone Monday night, but he damn sure hit the right keystrokes Tuesday morning.”
    So, what you’re saying is that a person doesn’t have to learn to speak and write properly as long as they are good at sports? What a lovely message to send to the youth out there. This isn’t a case of racism or people “being haters” but merely calling someone out for speaking like an uneducated little kid when they’re in their second year of college. “Man we some champs” yeah, that’s hitting the right keystrokes.

  • JayJayJo88532

    Maybe he was hit in the head too many times???