Jameis Winston’s Rivals Do Not Include The Florida Gators

Here you go, Florida Gators. This is you’re first real piece of bulletin board material for 2014. Well, other than the entire 2013 season, of course.

FSU quarterback Jameis Winston stated at ACC Media Days that he doesn’t consider UF to be one of his rivals. In fact, he doesn’t even view any of his ACC competition worthy of the rivalry title. Nope, that honor goes to his home state schools of Auburn and Alabama.

Both bold choices considering he’s only played Auburn once in his life, and has never met Alabama on the field. But as they say, to each their own.

As for Florida fans, well, they weren’t too thrilled with Winston’s comment. 

If you haven’t yet, circle your calendar for Nov. 29. It’s going to be a fun one in Doak Campbell Stadium – barring Kurt Roper’s ability to right UF’s offense.

  • bill_boyles

    his real rivals are rape kits