Jameis Winston ruling delayed until after ACC Championship, Heisman

According to the state attorney’s office, the investigation involving Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston has been delayed. An exact date has not been set, but officials have stated that it could be at least two weeks away.

That means a ruling on whether or not charges will be pressed on Winston for sexual assault will come after the ACC Championship (Dec. 7) and voting for the Heisman Trophy. The trophy will awarded on Dec. 12 in New York City.

Two factors have contributed to the delay in the ruling: (1) officials are still waiting for evidence to arrive, and (2) the state is dealing with a capital murder case.

State attorney William Meggs told ESPN.com that, “Believe it or not, we have other cases we’re involved with; we haven’t shut down our office to focus entirely on this case.”

The quick rush to judgement would be that Winston and the Seminoles benefit from this delay. As far as his team’s trek to a BCS National Championship Game appearance, they most certainly do. As an individual, however, a potential sexual assault case hanging in the balance could definitely influence Heisman voters.

It will be interesting to see if it’s enough to sway their selection away from the young quarterback.

Winston and the Seminoles take on hated-rival Florida on Saturday, Dec. 1, at 12:00 p.m. ET in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

  • Scott Markham

    OH yeah, give the Heisman to a RAPIST. The state attorney’s office is to busy,Bullshit!! If the Tallahassee police would’ve done their job from the get go,He wouldn’t be up for Heisman,maybe a trustee in prison.Another Celebrity, gets off.This is a football town so we don’t prosecute our players until we want too.Glorify the Criminal,persecute the victim…

    • 4388B

      He is FSU’s college equivalent to the Steubenville case. The local police, on the first appearance, seem to be protecting him.

    • Chris D Parmele

      Your as bout as IGNORANT as IGNORANT CAN GET. It’s a damn good thing we have a justice system which works than to rely on ignorant a**holes such as yourself. I did hear something this morning. I heard that you touch little boys. That’s the story that is going around. Scott Markham likes to touch little boys. So i guess if Winston is guilty of sexual assault then you are guilty of not only being ignorant but also as a child molester.

      • b j

        And here is nobody’s favorite internet troll calling another intelligent individual names, way to go little chrissie. At the very least we have something to snicker about when your trollness arrives. By the way in the text you used” Your” in place of you’re proving yet again your total trollness is flawed as your tiny bb brain. Keep it up, crissie, little girls such as yourself make for better reading than many of these authors.

  • David Hodges

    Im sorry but Winston didnt do it. We all know this story guy meet girl and girl falls in love. Guy has sex with girl and kicks her out the house. This girl called foul because hes a celebrity. This isn’t about the criminal case this chick is trying to be paid in civil court or by any FSU booster that will scratch her a hush money check. Women will do anything to bring a guy down.

  • frankelee

    We don’t know if he’s innocent or guilty. All the FSU fanbois sound so ignorant they only hurt his image. But even though the police likely tampered with this case and may face criminal penalties, and even if the university drug its feet and tried not to investigate this as required by law, that doesn’t reflect on whether or not he is actually guilty. Still, I personally think it’ll be a cold day in hell when the Heisman voters hand the trophy to an accused rapist with his possible felony trial still outstanding.