Jameis Winston’s post-game speech: Fans and media react on Twitter

The Florida State Seminoles capped off a perfect season with a thrilling 34-31 victory over the Auburn Tigers. After the win, Jameis Winston took the microphone and, well, kinda-sorta-maybe gave an interview.

[WATCH: Jameis Winston’s post-game speech]

Let’s just put it this way, the kid was amped up and stumbled over all kinds of words. This being the ever-snarky, quick-to-judge social media world in which we now live, Twitter was quick to pounce.

So here you are: the best reactions from around the web concerning Jameis Winston’s post-game interview.


  • ky

    The kids young give him a break. It happens! Jj cam pls dont b another dd!!!

    • ky

      J weezy keep doin it big !! And keep GOD right were u have him and that’s first over EVERYTHING!! Cause u wouldn’t b that great athlete u are without him

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