James Franklin will call your boss so you can watch football, because he’s a boss

Photo: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a long, tough offseason for college football fans across the country, but there is finally an end is sight. Vanderbilt and Ole Miss are kicking off the 2013 season on Aug. 29. The early start date makes this matchup of up-and-coming SEC programs a must watch on Thursday evening before the mayhem begins in earnest two days later on the first Saturday of the season.

That Thursday kickoff is not getting everybody excited, however. It’s a work night, and some bosses just don’t care if you are a football fan or not – not when productivity is on the line.

Luckily, Commodores coach James Franklin himself has come to the rescue with a very unique (not to mention amazing) solution: He is going to call one fan’s boss himself.

We shouldn’t exactly be surprised. After all, this is the same coach that jumps off cliffs and offers scholarships to unborn children. But still, this is just downright great.

james franklin call boss tickets

james franklin call boss tickets 1

Even if the boss doesn’t go for it, at least we all now that Franklin treats people far better on Twitter than Arkansas coach Bert (sorry, we meant Bret) Bielema.

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