James Franklin’s Vanderbilt newspaper ad was paid for by Penn State

On Thursday morning, we posted a picture of an advertisement, placed in The Tennessean, of James Franklin thanking Vanderbilt for the opportunity he had to coach the Commodores. The full-page ad read, “Thank you Vanderbilt. It was a wonderful experience. I am forever grateful. Anchor Down, James Franklin.”

According to The Tennessea’s John Ward, vice president of sales for the publication, Franklin’s new employer, Penn State, paid for the advertisement to be placed. There is no report as to whether this was part of the coach’s new contract negotiations.

  • Farmer Jones

    What a classy guy. You can really tell that this is “from the heart” — paid for by someone else after Franklin made $1.5M for 3 years from Vanderbilt. He couldn’t even pay for a $500 ad.