Jason Kidd told Mikhail Prokhorov that he didn’t know he had critics

Newsflash to Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd: every professional coach and athlete has critics. In life in general, nearly every person has critics. Kidd reportedly told Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov that he didn’t know he had any people criticizing what he was doing.

For approximately the first third of the 2013-14 NBA season, the Nets were the laughing stock of the NBA. Kidd couldn’t get out of his own way, and appeared to have no idea what he was doing on the sidelines. At one point, he was even fined for intentionally dumping his drink on the court in an attempt to delay the game. It’s safe to say that there were and still are many critics of Kidd’s coaching. Even if he proves to be an elite coach and lead his team to an NBA championship, there will still be people criticizing the moves he makes.

Kidd needs to look no further than Nick Saban, arguably the most successful coach in American sports right now. Saban has won three national titles at Alabama, yet one miracle play and some fans were calling for his head.

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