Jason Taylor on Miami Dolphins’ bullying scandal: ‘Very overblown’

One of the Miami Dolphins’ most well-respected players in franchise history has weighed in on the bullying saga involving Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. According to Jason Taylor, the whole controversy has been “very overblown.”

During his annual ping-pong tournament to raise money for his foundation, Taylor had the following to say regarding the mess that occurred earlier in the season:

“I know everyone talks about the whole nonsense that went on,” Taylor said. “I think internally, you could tell it was very overblown outside of the building. Players didn’t complain, and it’s great to see them bounce back. It’s no miracle that they’re playing well in spite of this quote-unquote controversy.”

As the scandal grew into a national firestorm, Miami owner Stephen Ross asked Taylor for help in shaping the actions inside the locker room and the team’s image outside of it.

From the sounds of it, Taylor doesn’t think that the locker room was in that bad of shape in the first place.