Jay Bilas challenges Chris Bosh for photobombing supremacy

jay bilas photobomb ucla cheerleaders

Photo courtesy of @dwdamico.

Chris Bosh is known around the sports industry as one of the premier photobombers in the business. However, a recent challenger has surfaced in ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas.

Whereas Bosh takes the mysterious approach, often showing no emotion on his face, Bilas brings us a different look. A look of total shock and surprise.

Over the weekend, Bilas made his presence on the national photobombing stage known with the bomb of two UCLA Bruins cheerleaders (shown above).

On Monday night, he decided to keep dropping bombs at the Louisville vs. Cincinnati game. First he caught Bill Raftery and the Cardinals mascot, before a bunch of Louisville cheerleaders.

jay bilas photobombPhoto courtesy of @damon_simpson.

jay bilas photobomb 1Photo courtesy of Instagram (@crumsrevenge).

Bilas has got quite the gift, being able to both drop bombs and look surprised himself every time.

h/t College Basketball Talk

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