Jay Bilas has message for NCAA on Chris Walker, Gators approve

Dear NCAA,

The Bilastrator is warming up. If I were you, I’d either come to a decision on Florida freshman Chris Walker, or just announce that you are hibernating for the winter.

If you recall last time Bilas got fired up on Twitter in regards to the NCAA, he literally shut down the company’s online shop.

As a Florida fan myself, I can only hope that Bilas speeds along the process. The NCAA is depriving college basketball fans everywhere of seeing 2013’s No. 1 center recruit play. Next thing we know, the 2014 NBA Draft will come around, and Walker will be suiting up and making millions. Let’s not waste this opportunity, NCAA.

Oh yeah, and you’re also depriving Walker from having the chance to develop before he leaves for the pros.


  • rob

    I want to see him play with Young and Yegete and go up against the overrated Kentucky Wildcats