Jay Glazer ragged on Tim Tebow’s virginity when he first met him

When it comes to sports reporting, FOX Sports NFL Insider Jay Glazer is considered, well, a regular old joe. That’s why when he got the chance to hang with Tim Tebow recently, he treated Tebow like any of his buddies. Glazer ragged on the one thing that’s hard for the majority of men to comprehend: Tebow’s virginity.

The following excerpt is from GQ’s profile on the sports reporter:

The first time he met Tim Tebow—just recently, during a night out in Los Angeles—he teased him about his chastity.

“I said to Tebow, ‘You coming out to the club?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah.’ I said, ‘When you come, you’re the bait. You’re a virgin, dude. You’re not hooking up with anybody, so you’re the bait. You sit right up there, and when all the girls come over, they’re all for me.’ ”

Later that night, Glazer sent Tebow a text that read Jay Glazer: Nonvirgin! Then he shows me what Tebow texted back:

Tim Tebow: Nonreporter!

It’s hard to faze Tebow, who’s been dealing with stuff like this for the better part of his entire life. As it has become expected, Tebow’s response was right on point.