Rumor Mill: Jeff Fisher could be favorite to replace Lane Kiffin at USC if he’s fired

Photo: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

We are only two weeks into the 2013 college football season and already we have our first wild coaching rumors. As you may have guessed after seeing the results of USC’s disastrous home loss to Washington State by a score of 10-7, this hot-off-the-presses rumor involves Lane Kiffin.

Although USC athletic director Pat Haden has given the Kiffster his vote of confidence time and time again, fans don’t quite see it that way. If it were up to Trojan Nation, Kiffin would be out two months ago.

Now ESPN’s Pac-12 reporter, Ted Miller, has given Paul Finebaum some fuel for the “Fire Lane” flames. Apparently, should Kiffin be kicked to the curb, current St. Louis Rams coach and Trojans alum Jeff Fisher would be a likely candidate to replace him.

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Neither Finebaum nor Miller are gentlemen prone to stirring up rumors. On the contrary, both are well-respected members of the sports journalism community.

But here we are, at the same place we all were a year ago when Tennessee fans spent the entire season clamoring for Jon Gruden.

The season is young. Kiffin will have plenty of time to hear all the boo-birds – or right the ship.

Until then, let the rumor mill churn.

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