Jeff Garcia says it’s time for the Tim Tebow ‘circus show’ to go

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Garcia, the man currently trying to turn Mark Sanchez into a respectable starter for the New York Jets, says it’s time for the franchise to move on from Tim Tebow.

Garcia didn’t hold anything back when it came to describing the “circus show” that is Tebow:

“If there’s going to be competition at the position, it’s not going to come from Tim Tebow,” four-time Pro Bowler Garcia told USA TODAY Sports Thursday. “Having Tebow there (last season) just became more of a distraction, more of a circus show. Obviously, it’s their decision. But from an outsider looking in, having Tebow there doesn’t bring anything positive. It just brings distraction.”

“For Mark, the main competition is going to be with David Garrard and Greg McElroy.”

Tebow undoubtedly brings extra attention and media to the franchise, however, it’s not like the “media circus” that surrounded the city of New York prior to his arrival was nonexistent. Even if there was no one backing up Sanchez and he had free reign, the microscope of the Big Apple would still be firmly planted on him.

During the 2012 season, Sanchez completed just 54.3-percent of his passes for 13 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. Last time we checked, Tebow wasn’t out on the field waving his arms in the signal caller’s face.

While Tebow may be forced to play the media game, Sanchez has been given every opportunity to play the game on the field. He will once again get that chance in 2013, and with or without Tebow in New York, he is going to have to produce.

  • Jeffrey Willis

    I will comment we all know college and pro are 2 levels, like HS and college, but if I remember correctly Tebow brought the floundering Bronco`s to the playoffs. with his style of play to the unliking pros of the pros..and has not played much since. seems like when he was given the opportunity he made things happen.

  • Frank

    Jeff Garcia needs a lesson in manners.

    • Steven Williiams

      sanchez is garcia’s boy he clearly is showing bias, anyone in sanchez’s shoes would have been canned halfway in last season, if garcia were to be honest he’d say start tebow sit sanchez down for now and lets see if tebow can handle it. because sanchez earned his right to sit on the bench. organization has to man up and choose based on current history. What i think is someone could be coach in club is against the way tebow shows his beliefs and is showing bias as well

  • jb

    jeff is a douchebag he should stfu and mindhis damn business

  • Brian Miller

    Jeff Garcia wasn’t really that great either…Sanchez will still suck next year and so will the Jets. Tebow needs to go somewhere where they don’t have Rex Ryan or Horseface John Elway and given a chance. It’s still funny thinking of that disappointed look on Elway’s face when the Broncos won games with Tebow at the helm.

    • Steven Williiams

      cant blame Elway he had manning in front of him, what i would have done was get manning and keep tebow it would only have made tebow a great qb being under manning. tebow is learning only bad habits from sanchez

  • Andrew Faraone

    Sanchise is still a p.o.s. – Garcia needs to take a step back and re-evaluate what he’s saying – Tebow brought the Broncos to the playoffs — Sanchez has done SQUAT for the Jets, and Jeff needs to stop sucking Sanchez’ manhood – it’s not a good look! Tebow is a better quarterback – the Jets should trade him so they can realize the problem they have is w/ Coaching & Management and SANCHEZ.

  • john emerick

    i agree with andrew he did beat the pittsburg sqeelers it wasnt pretty all the time i think he needs a coach with a little imagination

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  • Bernard Diggins

    So Sanchez’s personal QB coach thinks the Jets should dump Tebow? Shocking.

  • Mike Milligan

    Get a life Gracia you just want your own show grow up……

  • Den Scott

    Garcia is totally off, Tebow had no opportunity or lets say real opportunity, Plus prior to Pros how many national Championships and Hiesmens trophies and nominations did Garica, & Sanchez get compared to Tebow’s constant attendance to all. he led a team and was their superman, and he did it in the Black and Blue SEC Division. The Kid is a good Player and put in the right situation a winner. He leads on the field, he has great character, and he never plays to the drama. The NFL has been negative as has the media since he declared eligible for the NFL Draft , Maybe it’s that thing, that he holds true to what he believes and who and where he came from. I guess they are more used to the thugs, punks and wannabes who are now what make up a majority of the NFL. I wish Buffalo would give him a shot, we made a offense around j.kelly (k-gun) why not take a chance on Tebow and do the same,

    • mscole6

      I definitely agree,Buffalo should have given him a shot. I think he would have fit in there nicely however, Buffalo went another direction

  • timaljin13

    All this article shows is more lack of class from the green machine camp… hope the kid breaks free and gets a fair shot someplace

  • jj

    I would like to see Tebow on a team with a head coach that has creativity like a Sean Payton in NO or Harbaugh in SF

  • King_Solomon1


  • tomfaggart

    The Jets are an unethical bunch. Why did they take Tebow if they did not intend to play him. He would have tripled Sanchez’s production if he had been given a chance. I remember Eddie LaBaron, who played for the Red Skins, when he could not throw the ball like he was supposed too. Washington won, and won big …plus the fact he was of small stature. Sometimes its what that is inside a person which makes them great, and not doing things right.

  • howa4x

    The Jets can’t win with Sanchez. He has that sad puppy look coming off the field. It is not the look of a champion. I don’t fault Teabow as much as I do Tony Sprano. He never used him in an coherent way. there was no real plan for him and yanking out Sanchez here and there never gave him a chance to get in rhythm. So didn’t work for either of them.
    I think they should put the ball in Mc Elroy’s hands for a season. he can’t do much worse and has a great running game

  • Kongfish

    Garcia??, REALLY, someone is really going to print a quote from Garcia? 95% of the nfl fans couldn’t tell you who he is.
    Let’s see, with no receivers, and of the receivers he did have, the two top ones were out for the season with injuries and TEBOW EVEN STARTED WITH A LOSING RECORD. TEBOW TOOK ABUNCH OF RAG TAG PLAYERS AND WON A PLAYOFF GAME AGAINST The SUPER-BOWL WINNING STEELERS.
    THEY TOOK “JUGGHEAD,Peyton Manning” he had an entire spring training, his hand picked receivers, and total offensive control and DIDNOT WIN A EASY PLAYOFF GAME. IF CHIP KELLY WERE TO GET A CHANCE TO INSTALL Tebow & Vick together into the eagles game plan, that would be a steamroller for years to come.
    You take Peyton & your stats, give me TEBOW,

    • Ryan Walter

      Love it, well said.

  • Kongfish

    Tebow started the current trend of the spread offense & run&gun QB style, he won with it. He has a better W-L record than 80% of the current starting QB’s today.
    Tebow was thrown to the wolf’s in Denver purposely by Elway, Denver had a losing record, half the team was on the IR, the other half were sitting around salting the rim of a .357 magnum after Elway had traded 1/3 of the others, and Tebow was able to inspire a bunch of broken, left for dead NFL, soon to 2stringers into believing in themselves as a “”team”” and he led the bronco’s on to prove every washed up former overpaid So called EXPERT analyst on ESPN, WRONG, Chowderheads like Merrill Hodge walk around PRONOUNCING their word as guarantee’s Hodge has been wrong so many times he should have been fired when he was proven wrong on on Tebow. DEAD WRONG. If you look at Tebow vs Manning in Denver, Tebow has a better record and he wasn’t given anything, he was thrown to the dogs and Elway put him in a losing spot so he could trade him after he lost

  • Ryan Walter

    Jeff WHO??

  • Chris Winfield

    I have been a jet fan for 40 years. As of today, no more. Blame game Tebow. Makes me sick.

  • Chuck Panarella

    A good club would have let Tebow go after not making a deal at the combines. That leaves time to catch on somewhere else. They really do not like the guy, whatever you think of his QB skills, this seems personal.

  • tjollon

    lets give away another season,sanchez has had enough time to become a quarter back. so far he sucks…. tebow could not be any worse…. give the boy a chance. hell sanchez has had more chances then any one should….

  • seahawks1

    dirty sanchez will always suck they should of kicked him out and started tebow.

  • seahawks1

    no mexican ever was great at qb

  • seahawks1

    garcia is a racist. hes only sticking up for dirty sanchez because they are both of mexican decent.

  • Mike

    If Tebow had been a distraction in the locker room then Garcia would have a point. Tebow has always been a positive presence and supportive of his team. Never has he bashed anyone for any reason and all he wants is to play. Isn’t that what we expect from a player? Some one who picks up everyone around him and wants to compete? Yes he brings a side show but if Sanchez does his job that silences the side show.

  • Ryan Edwards

    Jeff Garcia never mattered in the nfl anyway who cares what the wash up has to say anyway,

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  • Jeff Best

    Sanchez sucks,JETS WERE DEFEATED BY TEBOW THE YEAR BEFORE HE GOT THERE ,Denver gave him a chance,,they got two playoff wins,NewYork Jets set him up to fail,Jets have coaching problems,Tebow has proven himself when gave a chance, The Jets problems start with Rex Ryan!