Jeremy Evans dunks over picture of himself dunking, and he’s the painter behind the portrait [Video]

One could argue that this is simply to much talent for any one person. Not only can you hit your head on the rim while throwing down massive dunks, but you can also paint a picture of yourself dunking, and then dunk over that picture. That’s just not fair.

Brett Pollakoff of Pro Basketball Talk was able to catch up with Utah Jazz star Jeremy Evans to ask him about the dunk and painting. Evans told Pollakoff that it took him about a week and a half to paint.

Evans finished the masterpiece the night before, waiting on the final details of what the ball the dunk contest would use was going to look like.

The dude loves the detail.

Evans was topped by Terrence Ross for the trophy, but he definitely wins the most creative dunk of the night.

If you were to ask us, we would have given him the hardware.

Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans reveals a painting of himself after a successful dunk during the 2013 NBA all star slam dunk contest at the Toyota Center. (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

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