Former Packers star Mark Chmura believes Jermichael Finley’s career is over

Is Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley’s NFL career over?

Former Green Bay tight end Mark Chmura believes so. The three-time Pro Bowler’s career ended abruptly when he suffered a herniation of the C5 and C6 discs in his cervical spine in a game against the Detroit Lions in 1999. The man knows a thing or two about the franchise, the position, and the spinal injury Finley suffered against Cleveland on Oct. 20.

Unfortunately, when Chmura made an appearance on 540 ESPN Milwaukee, the Green Bay Packers’ 2010 Hall of Fame inductee did not have good news.

“I will give you a little snibbet,” Chmura said (without identifying the dictionary in which he found the word “snibbet”).  “I got a chance to talk to Jermichael Finley before the game, and I would bet my bottom dollar his career’s over.  Over.  He needs surgery, and it’s herniated in [the C3 and C4 vertebrae]. . . .  I think it’s gonna be a Nick Collins deal.  He’s definitely not gonna play in Green Bay, I’d put my house on that.”

Collins was a star safety in Green Bay until he suffered a herniated disc in his neck early in the 2011 season. He has not played in an NFL game since.

Despite what Chmura says, there has been no confirmation as of writing to whether or not Finley will undergo surgery.

For Finley’s sake, we can only hope that he has a full recovery and is able to step back on the field again one day.