Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett have not ruled out Tony Romo for Eagles game

Jerry Jones has not ruled out the possibility of Tony Romo playing in Week 17 against the Eagles. Apparently, neither has Jason Garrett. Despite reports from Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen that Romo needs season-ending back surgery due to a herniated disc, coach and owner refuse to fold their hand.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Jones still holds the stance that if Romo feels well enough to play, he’ll start on Sunday.

“All I’m saying is he has back spasms, symptoms that we’re treating as we go along in the week to see if he will play,” Jones said late Monday evening. “There is nothing structurally that will rule him out if he feels good and is cleared to play. Nothing.


“The facts are there is a lot we can’t comment on. But the most important thing is if he feels better as the week goes along, there is nothing structurally to prevent him from playing. He might be cleared to play.”

Garrett has acknowledged that the team will sign an extra quarterback during the week, and that backup Kyle Orton is ready to start, should his number be called. While Dallas has a contingency plan, Garrett has said that the Cowboys will “evaluate (Romo’s injury) day by day.”

Whether or not Jones and Garrett truly believe that Romo will play is a legitimate question. This very well could be gamesmanship on their part, keeping the Eagles wondering who will be under center.

Despite the talk of coach and owner, Las Vegas seems to believe Romo will not play. Betting lines shifted significantly when news of Romo’s injury broke.