Two Jerry Sandusky prison letters leaked, claims total innocence

Photo: Mara Ticcino/The Daily Collegian-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Mara Ticcino/The Daily Collegian-USA TODAY Sports

In the same week that TMZ was successfully able to obtain letters written by former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez from prison, the gossip site introduces two penned by Jerry Sandusky. The former Penn State defensive coordinator’s widespread and extremely well-covered-up sexual abuse scandal will go down in history as one of the most heinous acts ever connected to intercollegiate sports.

However, in these letters Sandusky continues to claim total innocence. He speaks of unfairness and the fact that an appeal is already in the court system (he is currently in prison on a 30-60 year sentence that the judge had intended on making a lifetime stay).

He shares several positive anecdotes, but they are mostly cliches to presumably help move him through the day-to-day. Interestingly, he shares an anecdote from his childhood, which took place a mere 20 miles from where he is currently incarcerated. He informs the fan (yes, Sandusky has fans) of when his father told him to choke up on a baseball bat. Only a child, Sandusky jammed it into his mouth and choked.

“He knew he had a genius on his hands,” Sandusky wrote.

His father had no idea what was on his hands. Neither did the Penn State or NCAA community.

jerry sandusky prison letters

jerry sandusky prison letter

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    Whomever leaked this should be fired