Jerry Sandusky to speak, NBC will air interview Monday on the ‘Today’ show



The man that ruined so many individual’s lives and left one of America’s top universities in shambles, Penn State, is set to finally speak on the unbelievable and immoral acts that he took part in.

ESPN (via Associated Press) reports that NBC will air an interview with Jerry Sandusky on the “Today” show on Monday, March 25.

NBC says it will air an interview with former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky next week.

The network said the segment will be broadcast Monday on the “Today” show. NBC says the convicted sex offender will give his account of the encounters that landed him in prison and discuss former boss Joe Paterno.

NBC says Sandusky also will also talk about Mike McQueary, a then-graduate assistant who told Paterno in 2001 he’d seen Sandusky showering with a young boy in a football locker room.

McQueary is pursuing a defamation and whistleblower lawsuit against Penn State.

Undoubtedly, millions of Americans will tune in to hear what the monster behind the mess has to say. Whether or not he should even be given the right to do so is another topic.

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  • tobytroy

    The sick bastard should’nt be given the time of day, let alone the light of day, What is the purpose of granting him a interview?

  • Sarah Redd

    Exactly, who would want to stay tune as he is not humble nor is he sorry. Penn State should be grateful that someone finally stood up to this man and instead of worshipping him. I think anyone who was in charge of this football team, and took a blind eye should be accountable; serve their time in jail also. McQueary should be exonerated and appreciated for his bravery. If Penn State does one thing, ONE act of mistreatment…then God should rain hell’s fire upon their heads. Today Show should be ashamed of themselves for even having this evil man speak, but then again, they do not care about the truth. They never have and never will.