Jesse Palmer Predicts Mississippi State Could Win SEC West, Seriously

Jesse Palmer decided to find a limb and walk right out on it the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. Palmer made an appearance on Scott Van Pelt’s show, where he threw out a really REALLY bold prediction. The former quarterback predicted Mississippi State could win the SEC West.

No, this is not an April Fool’s joke. And yes, I get that it’s a bold prediction, but Mississippi State?

In order to understand just how bold this prediction is, let’s take a quick look back at the history of the conference. Since the first SEC Championship Game in 1992, the Bulldogs have appeared in one game, losing to Tennessee in 1998. That means they’ve won the West just once. They also won it prior to the heyday the conference is currently living in.

In their division alone, the Bulldogs must go through Alabama, Auburn and LSU – the three perceived favorites to win the West. Two of whom they play on the road – LSU and Alabama.

Could they win it? Yes. Realistically will they win it? No.

But wait, Palmer wasn’t done. He also believes that Mississippi State quarterback Dak Prescott is a dark-horse Heisman Trophy candidate.

This prediction really hinges on the first one from Palmer. It’s sort of a trickle down effect, meaning we can’t give Palmer a “bold prediction” on this one. If Mississippi State wins the West, they are likely going to be in a national title hunt – meaning Prescott will have to put up incredible, Heisman-worthy numbers. Prescott must have a season never before seen in Starkville, because, well, the Bulldogs have never seen a Heisman.

Again, could he? Yes. Realistically will he? No.

At the end of the day, you know what Palmer has to say to both this post, and everyone else hating? Deal with it.

Cue the Cowbell hate in 3, 2, 1 …

  • pharoh

    Mississippi State actually DID win an SEC Championship, once upon a time. It was 1941, when the real players were overseas fighting in World War II

  • Mike Smith

    You might want to check your heyday comment. Tennessee won the national championship that year, 1998.Michael

  • mikeybeila

    Mississippi State as improved a LOT, but still has several more years of work ahead of them in system development, recruiting and player development. As long as there is a hungry LSU or Arkansas, and the improvement is not yet completed, Mississippi State is an a huge longshot on a good day..

  • BaeBae Tedford

    It’s possible. Mullen has built some good depth and their defense should be brutal. They are deeeeeeeeep and salty on defense. Not sure about their offense. I think they have some depth problems on the OL. But Mullen has his type of QB now and that should take some pressure off of them. To be honest, I wish someone would take down Bama, LSU or Auburn.

    I’m 100% positive that all of this hype they’re getting will jinx them though.

  • jack

    Doesn’t look like such a crazy prediction now does it lol…He’s looking like a Savant or Nostradamus. Nice call Jesse