Jesse Palmer gives his rose to Stanford, says they can beat any team in the country

Jesse Palmer was in the booth for ESPN on Thursday as Stanford walloped the Oregon Ducks. He apparently fell in love with the Cardinal, and then gushed over them after the game.

“They [Stanford] proved tonight, I think, that they can beat anyone in the country when they play their brand of football.

“They are good enough, in my opinion, to beat Alabama. They can beat Florida State. They can beat Ohio State. They can beat Baylor. Whoever. When they play this way, I think it was a big statement for them. There’s a lot of football left to go. We have Alabama-LSU coming up this weekend; Alabama-Auburn down the stretch. A lot of big games down the road, but Stanford made a massive statement tonight.

“I look at it subjectively. They didn’t play Stanford football against Utah. When they do, they are good enough to beat Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, Baylor, anybody.”

The statement isn’t unreasonable. Playing their best football, Stanford has a shot in any game. However, consistency wins championships. Alabama didn’t play “Crimson Tide” football against Texas A&M, but they still won.

The Cardinal beat a good Oregon team, but because they failed to show up against Utah, Stanford can’t be considered elite like Alabama or Ohio State currently are. After all, maybe the Ducks just didn’t play “Oregon football.”