Eric Decker and Jessie James get the reality show treatment from E!, John Elway gives blessing

Photo via E! Online.

Photo via E! Online.

On Sunday night, Ryan Lochte’s What Would Ryan Lochte Do reality TV show debuted on E! It was a less than stellar moment for the Olympic swimmer.

On Monday, a whole new celebrity show featuring an athlete was announced. The show, which will be titled Love and Other Contact Sports: Eric and Jessie, will feature Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker.

Decker is engaged to country music artist Jessie James. The show will be based on their relationship as they journey down the road to the altar (via The Hollywood Reporter).

The new Love and Other Contact Sports franchise will take viewers inside the confines of even more celebrity/athlete romances starting with country/pop singer Jessie James and her fiancé, Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker whose wedding is quickly approaching. The series will chronicle the sexy young couple’s road to the altar as they juggle careers, relationships, family and more.

Before making the jump into the reality TV show world, Decker sought the approval of none other than John Elway, who gave his wide receiver the blessing.

Decker also shared some words on the opportunity with the Twitter-verse, as well as eased the minds of Broncos Nation in the process.

Hopefully, for Decker’s sake, the show doesn’t turn out to be the “clown show” that Lochte’s appears to be.

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And, because we simply couldn’t leave you without more Jessie James, here’s a photo gallery of the two stars.