Jim Irsay is happy that Peyton Manning has taken Broncos to Super Bowl

Considering the strange exit (and even more awkward press conference) in which Peyton Manning left Indianapolis, one wouldn’t expect Jim Irsay to be thrilled over the Broncos’ Super Bowl run. However, according to the Indianapolis Star, Irsay is extremely happy for his former franchise quarterback.

“I couldn’t be happier because he will forever be a Colt and a part of so many years of greatness here. I’m just really rooting for him to get that second ring. That would be awesome.

Irsay still acknowledges that cutting Manning was strictly a business decision. Moreover, it was a mutually beneficial move for both Indianapolis and Denver.

If Peyton had stayed, it would have been a joke with what we could have been able to field in 2012. It would have been crazy to think we could have put a team together with Peyton.

“It was just an impossibility. Now we have the perfect situation, where we’re way ahead of schedule and Andrew [Luck] is achieving things beyond our wildest expectations, and Peyton has a chance to get that second Super Bowl ring. It’s been a win-win and that’s what we were hoping for.”

So, despite Irsay’s pithy comments about Manning’s past playoff failures, or any awkward hugs the two have shared, it appears they’ve buried the hatchet.

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