Jimbo Fisher is wary of new College Football Playoff, fears it will hurt tradition

Jimbo, my man, you’re starting to talk like a guy who just won the championship. Don’t let success change you. Stay back here and fight the establishment, man. The BCS is gone; there’s no need to speak fondly of it.

”And how many times was the BCS ever wrong? How many times did they ever get it wrong at the end? We’ve still got the same problem. You’re going to argue over who’s four and five or who’s two and three. What’s the difference?” Fisher said.

I mean, there was that one time with Auburn being undefeated. Or that year where FSU, Miami and Washington all had one loss, but the ‘Noles played in the championship game, despite having beat beaten by Miami. There may have been other times, but whatever, we’re not here to talk about the past.

What are the downsides of a playoff? We now have two extra meaningful games, right?

”When I was a child, I remember who won the Sugar Bowl, who won the Orange Bowl, who won the Cotton Bowl, who won the Rose Bowl. It was a big deal to go. We act like that’s not a big deal now. ‘That’s one of the great things you have in college football. We’re so involved in winning a championship that we’re forgetting the tradition and history of doing things.”

Yeah, I get what you’re saying, but times have changed. It’s all-or-nothing nowadays. Wasn’t that the argument for the BCS: that every game meant something. The BCS billed itself as a championship-or-bust, life-or-death organization. It is the reason bowls have been devalued.

At least guys get an extra game to play with their teammates.

”These guys don’t get to go play in an NFL season. They don’t get to go rehab all day. They got school. They got study halls. They got things to do. Those bodies at that age aren’t developed like a man is.”

Hold on, we’re talking about the football playoff that takes place over winter break. This isn’t March Madness, which screws with schedules right before Spring Semester finals. No, this is all about the student-athletes.

”I’m for it. Hey, playoffs if that’s what you’re going to do we’re going to line up and play them. But I just don’t want to take the true history and tradition of those bowl games – maybe you’re 11-2, dadgum, that’s a pretty good year. Now … you act like somebody should get fired. It’s a little bit ridiculous.”

There you go, Jimbo; good to have you on board. Think of it this way: you’re creating a new tradition. You’ll just get to hoist a new trophy.

Besides, an 11-2 season is still considered successful (unless you’re a crazy Alabama zealot). Hell, 11-2 could be good enough to get you in the playoffs. See you at the dance.