Jimmy Johnson: “Arkansas should bring back Bobby Petrino, or hire Butch Davis”

Legendary head coach Jimmy Johnson made a bold statement on an XM Radio broadcast, saying that he believes Arkansas should consider rehiring former head coach Bobby Petrino. He went on to add that Butch Davis would be a good fit as well.

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Johnson had the following to say to former Miami Hurricane’s great Gino Torretta:

“Some people might laugh but I’m serious about it. If they want an outstanding coach they ought to bring back Petrino or hire Butch Davis. And people say, ‘Well how in the world can you bring back Petrino?’ I said, ‘Listen, you forgave Bill Clinton.’ Forgive the man. Forgive the man for making a bad decision. Give him an opportunity to coach again.

“I mean he wants to get back into coaching and he’s a great coach and he made a mistake. This whole country, it’s built on forgiving people and giving them second chances. And I think the fan base would love to bring him back. But if they don’t bring him back? But you know, Butch Davis, give him an opportunity. …”

Johnson was a member of the 1964 National Championship Arkansas Razorbacks and was the defensive coordinator at Arkansas from 1973-76.

But he definitely did not major in Political Science.

Johnson is obviously a fan of winning at all costs. What do you think about his statements? Let us know in the comments below!

Sources: Saturday Down South

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