JJ Redick responds to abortion contract reports, says they are false

Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

This should be a great time in JJ Redick’s life. Married since 2010, Redick recently signed a free agent deal with the Clippers. He is moving out to sunny Los Angeles and has joined a team favored to compete for an NBA title in 2013-14 after averaging a career-high 14.1 points per game with the lowly Bucks and Magic last season.

However, Media TakeOut recently published what was supposed to be a confidential legal agreement between the former Duke star and his model girlfriend in 2007, Vanessa Lopez.

The contract called for Lopez to abort a baby that was allegedly Redick’s. In exchange, he would pretend to be in a relationship with her for one year. If he could not stand to do that, he would pay her $25,000 to go away and keep quiet.

Obviously, this type of contract was not going to help Redick’s popularity, both with the sports media, with the fans and, most importantly, with his wife.

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On Wednesday night, however, Redick took to Twitter to state that the contract never even existed in the first place.





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