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Joakim Noah apologizes for F-bomb tirade on refs after being ejected

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On Monday night, Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah dropped the hammer on the refs following his second technical foul. In one of the biggest meltdowns of the 2013-14 season so far, Noah told each ref “F*** you” before leaving the court. He also exited Sleep Train Arena with one big “F*** you” for the road.

Following the game, Noah was sincere in his apology for his actions, stating:

“I’m really disappointed. I shouldn’t have acted that way. I apologize, I’m sorry to all three referees out there. They’re out there trying to do their jobs and I should never have said the things that I said. I hope they accept my apology and I hope I can move on from this.”

“I think I was just frustrated with the game. You gotta give Sacramento a lot of credit. They played really well, they deserve to win and we’ve got to step it up. I was frustrated with the call, but it doesn’t give me the right to do what I did. I deserve to get ejected, and it was just a bad decision on my part.’’

Noah has always been, and will always be, an emotional player. He’s also always been able to recognize his mistakes and own up to them.

Without their passionate big man, the Bulls fell to the Kings, 99-70. You can check out the remaining 2014 Bulls schedule here.  We’ll see if the Bulls can pick up their play and make it in to the playoffs.

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