Joe Flacco was prepared to tackle Ted Ginn Jr. on final punt return of Super Bowl 47 [Video]

Just taking a look at Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco’s numbers in the postseason, one might think he and his team’s run to a Lombardi Trophy was easy.

However, the playoffs were anything but. After narrowly escaping Denver in double overtime and then showing New England who was boss in the AFC title game, it looked like the Ravens were finally going to enjoy just a plain old blowout.

And in the Super Bowl, no less.

However, after going up 28-6 on the strength of three Flacco touchdowns, the Niners made an epic comeback. With mere seconds remaining and Baltimore only up 34-31, one of the fastest men in the game, Ted Ginn Jr., was lined up deep to return a Ravens punt.

Flacco, showing that he would literally do anything to win this game, implored his teammates to literally jump out from the sidelines to tackle Ginn, should he happen to break free.

Of course, that did not happen, and Flacco and his teammates were crowned Super Bowl champions. Just for posterity’s sake, however, let’s take a look at the rules regarding interfering with a player carrying the ball, courtesy of The Victory Formation.

“Palpably Unfair Act. A player or substitute shall not interfere with play by any act which is palpably unfair. Penalty: For a palpably unfair act: Offender may be disqualified. The Referee, after consulting his crew, enforces any such distance penalty as they consider equitable and irrespective of any other specified code penalty. The Referee may award a score.”

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