Joe Montana thinks Masters officials are ‘full of crap’ for penalizing Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods takes a drop on the 15th hole during the second round of the 2013 The Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. (Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports)

Tiger Woods takes a drop on the 15th hole during the second round of the 2013 The Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club. (Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports)

The ‘tradition unlike any other’ has been befuddled by two penalties that have had the sports world up in arms in recent days. First, fans took to Twitter to express their shock at the fact that 14-year old Guan Tianlang was assessed a one-stroke penalty for ‘slow play’.

Now, the world’s top draw and most elite player, Tiger Woods, has been assessed a two-stroke penalty — after nearly facing disqualification — for dropping his ball two yards away from where he was supposed to.

Count NFL Hall of Famer and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana among those who are not at all impressed by the officiating taking place.







Wow, tell us how you really feel, Montana.

Of course, Tiger himself was far more cordial regarding the call, even saying that he respected and accepted the decision of the officiating crew.

We’re going to guess that he was just a tad bit more Montana-ish in private.

h/t: USA Today

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  • nitrodrip

    He is absolutely correct.

  • Helen Eschenbacher

    Golf is the only sport that polices itself. Montana? How many times did you penalize YOURSELF for intentionally spiking ball etc? NONE! Because you have officials on field. You just hope they don’t catch your O-line holding. I can just see it now…Montana running up to field judge..”My guy held! My left tackle held!! 10 yard penalty PLEASE!!”
    No in golf you know the rules and you call the penalties on yourself. If you are in the woods by yourself and the ball moves when you address it…that is a penalty stroke. You put the flag down on the green when you are putting and the ball hits the flag stick? Two stroke penalty!
    Tiger knows the rules. He KNOWS that you have to drop the ball where you last hit it. He said “I dropped it two yards BEHIND the divot.” That is a two stroke penalty. He thinks because he is Tiger Woods he is above the rules..WRONG!
    He should have been DQd!

    • Tim Brown

      Helen, what is rule 10 in golf? I will give you some time to look it up before you respond. If the officials of the Masters said a two stroke penalty, then it is done. He did not need to be DQ just because you said it. Who are you and when did your word matter in the game of golf or any other sport for that matter. Stop hating in the man because he didn’t do you when you threw your panties at him.

    • SuckasGotsToKnow

      Someone sounds a little butthurt. The official watched him and didn’t do anything about it. That’s on the official

      • Funisnumberone

        The official DID NOT watch him drop the ball. THe Masters, unlike most other tournaments and ALL of the majors does not have Rules Officials walking with each group. Tiger did not call an official over to inquire on or clarify the rule, which he is obligated to know and follow. He purposely dropped the ball two yards behind his original divot, and as he stated himself it was to give himself an advantage on controlling his distance. The rule states he needed to drop right next to where the ball was originally played from (inches, not yards). Two strokes was the proper penalty, no DQ or WD required. Montana is WAAAAY wrong on this issue and who cares what he thinks about anything but football anyway? He’s just trying to get more followers …

  • Danny Wilde

    Helen you’re a fucking moron.. The PGA official on the hole allowed the drop where it was//end of get back on your fry machine or go back to blowing truckers for gas money behind the dennys you work at ..dolt

    • Crystal Carey

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      • Danny Wilde

        How about I just trace you down hack your PC take all your personal info and turn it over the the FCC FBI and the FTC..You get to go to Federal Prison for about 15 years I get a reward and a medal..It takes about 9 seconds to find EXACTLY where and EXACTLY who you are ..scamming thieving piece of shit

    • Funisnumberone

      Check yourself, Danny Boy. FIrst off, there was NO RULES OFFICIAL on the hole at the time. The Masters, unlike most other tournaments and all of the other majors, does not send out a Rules Official with every group. Tiger did not call over an official to clarify the ruling or his judgement, which was incorrect in this case. Tiger even said he dropped the ball two yards behind the spot, in order to gain an advantage on distance control. He was obligated to drop right next to the original spot of the ball (inches, not yards away). Even he said the two stroke penalty was correct. There was no reason for a DQ and he had no obligation to WD, but as a PGA player is is obligated to KNOW and FOLLOW the Rules of Golf, which he did not do.
      Montana is way off on his ranting, and we could use less of Danny’s name calling and threats….Why is Montana even commenting on golf, anyway? Oh yeah, he needs attention and Twitter followers just like a Kardashian .

  • Cork

    Maybe we dont want to turn golf into football. Their are no referees standing by every player watching their every move. I think its great that their is some integrity in golf. Hey and half the tour isnt on steroids like Joe’s buddies. Sounds like one mega star taking up for another. Would Joe be tweeting if this happened to one of Tiger’s competitors.

  • chonus

    pathetic example of the masters.. this man should not have been givin a penalty . the official was right there and no one confronted tiger b4 or after signing his card.. what a bunch of bullcrap . kind of like the entire over inflated group of ego minded fools who run the masters.. i hope tiger goes out and shoots 65 today and wins the tourmament by 1 stoke.

  • prob867

    You’e are right Helen. He should have DQ’d himself and not left it up to the officials. We all know how much integrity he’s displayed over the years. Golf isn’t supposed to about what you can get away with or what doesn’t get called.

    • rich

      iagree with Helen.she knows right from wrong.we wont be subject to it anymore.we do nlike scott.x watcher.

  • Stuball

    Helen is not a moron. Rules officials do not call penalties in golf. Players call on each other or on themselves. Tiger is a POS for not calling the appropriate penalty on himself after being made aware of his infraction. And you need to apologize to Helen – what if someone said something like that to your mother? Oh wait by the way you act you probably treat your mother that way already. Why the Denny reference? Was that you wife that was the Denny waitress that balled tigger?

  • john_1259

    If Tiger fixed his first divot, nobody would have noticed he cheated.

    I could clearly see where he hit his first shot on TV.

  • djack thats right

    I totally agree with Joe, ….good job jackasses running the masters. Hypocrites.

  • Daniel Johnson

    Another LOSER……..

  • soothsayer1

    seems like joe is either a non golfer, or a tiger homer. tiger is lucky he wasn’t dq’d. his statement alone afterwards about “improving his position” is all anyone needs to hear.

    his benefiittig thru a lack of fortitude by the masters rule committee shows a similar lack of sportsmanship in the man. he admitted he cheated on the drop, yet is still in tourney. very sad.

  • Peter Saengswang

    I agrred with Joe Montana 100%. The official should step in at the moment Tiger dropped the ball. He dropped the ball behind the spot, not advance toward the hole. The rule didn’t say that how far from the spot, as close as possible.

  • Brian Adams

    Joe Montana’s comments mean nothing to me or most people, aren’t u retired from the NFL…good stay that way. tiger admitted that he dropped his ball 2 yards behind drop area to gain advantage. Golf is much different than sitting in the stands at an NFL game. Joe…you make it sound as though we are a lower class of people. by the way, instant replay helps refs and officials get it Joe, with all due respect for your career, stay retired!

  • Brian Uglielmo

    I am an avid golf fan. The Masters is the major of the year. DiVincienzo signed an improper score card and was disqualified. tiger did the same thing. I know about this new rule was put in to protect the TV ratings etc….regardless, Mr. Woods should have done the right thing and disqualified himself. His pompous attitude when asked if he should have DQ’d himself, goes to show u, he gives a shit about the tradition of the Master’s. He is all about himself. I will not forget the way he carried himself outside of the golf course and embarrass the game the way he did. You would never see Phil or Jack do stupid selfish things as Tiger has done…

    • Coast

      Many people are avid fans of golf. It doesn’t make them authorities on golf. If you look at the two situations with DiVincienzo and Woods, they are totally different. There are no two ways about DiVincienzo’s card. He signed a wrong card. The officials had already talked to Woods about his situation and he thought he signed the correct card based on their information. So if you have a gripe, take it up with the officials. Some idiot even said that Woods dropped his ball back a little further to avoid hitting the flag again – what? If you have a gripe with Woods, all good, but it’s clear that you’re totally biased in your write-up!

      • soothsayer1

        hate to tell you this. the officials did not speak w tiger. they decided on their own no rule was broken. it wasn’t until tiger’s press conference, after the round where the problem was made known. tiger said he dropped it a little bit behind original spot ((about 2 yds). that was a violation of the rule. he knowingly signed the card, hence he should have been dq’d. money says—palmer, nicklaus, player, watson and miller would agree. tiger showed no regard for what he knew in both his heart and mind to be true. yesterday was a sad day for him and the game.

    • J D

      DiVincienzo wasn’t DQ’ed. He signed his playing partner’s scorecard that showed him getting a 4 instead of a 3 on a hole, and therefore added a stroke to his own score, and missed out on a playoff by one stroke.

  • dougx

    Golf doesn’t have the same rules as the NFL. In golf, the player is supposed to play with honor and penalize himself. It’s apples and oranges.

  • raydar

    Even someone from Notre Dame should know the difference between “precedent” and “president”.

  • Dave

    The Augusta Chronicles side by side picture of each swing seems to show his drop was within inches of the first shot regardless of what he said afterwards. Show they now analyze the video even closer and give him the two strokes back if he, in fact did not break a rule?

  • Sini_Star

    It’s horsecaca. Montana is dead-on correct. They blew the call. So why is golf SO much better than ANYother sport, that they can go back after a “play” (in this case, a round), and rerule? And not only go back, but go back a day later?
    Tradition does not automatically equate = perfection. That’s the problem with golf. It’s so stuffy. I belong to a country club that is over 115 years old. We’re steeped in tradition. And yet I see clubs failing everywhere.
    Ugh. And I HATE, HATE that spectators are allowed to call in and bitch about rules infractions. Save it for sports radio.

  • Bill Chriswell

    Golf’s a stupid game anyhow…who gives a shit

  • Bud W

    joe who?

    • Brine_Shrimp

      Joe is the one that made your dad cried when he hooked up with Dwight Clark that call “The Catch”. Your dad decided to celebrate “The Catch” with your mom afterward, and thus became you.

      • Bud W

        My dad was killed in Nam in 70

        • Brine_Shrimp

          Sorry to hear that, wish you have the time to bond with your dad while growing up and watch a little football with him. Joe was magical in the early 80s. Ask your uncle if he cried.

        • nopucker

          He was Viet Cong… probably deserved it.

          • Bud W

            Very sad you could stoop so low as to mock someone’s dad who was killed

  • Stephen

    The after the fact penalty was B.S. If they would have disqualified Tiger after telling him there was no penalty and after he then signed he score card it would have been a complete and utter absurdity. If it had been the Chinese kid instead of Tiger the vast majority of the people yelling for disqualification would be totally silent.

  • sloop john v

    Stuball hit the nail right on the head. Woods knew exactly what he was doing when he dropped five feet behind his divot. Woods is calculating and deliberate with everything he does on a golf course. Woods is so precise that he is capable of duplicating a shot like few other golfers. If he dropped the ball within a foot or so of his previous shot there is no issue here. At the very least, Woods should have sought counsel from an official or course marshal before he dropped. His decision to proceed on his own meant he was confident in his knowledge of the rules. His actions were in violation of the rules and he should have declared the penalty on himself. Once he signed an incorrect scorecard he disqualified himself. Golf is a gentleman’s sport and Woods…..well he is no gentleman.

  • Bryon Gardner

    umm…..then why does the USGA have Rules Officials on the course??? some of you are really wrong on this issue….Jack Nicklaus did the same thing at the US Open….and won!!!! He did not call himself out on that… where is the outrage???

  • Michael P Cates

    Your wrong, Joe. Golf is not played with a referee. Officials are available to make rulings during competition to keep the pace of play. During any other round of golf, if there is doubt as to where to play a shot, after conferring with your playing partner(s), it is typical to play 2 balls from separate circumstances and get a ruling in the clubhouse, before you choose which score is applicable, and before you sign your scorecard. That didn’t happen in this case.

    Tiger didn’t confer with his playing partner or request a ruling from an Official. He had that privilege available, but made his own ruling. He played from the wrong spot. Maybe, he unaware of it when he signed his card, or even up to the minute he divulged in an interview, that he dropped the ball two yards away (a penalty in this situation). But, he clearly knew that he had made a mistake, before he teed off on Sunday. Albeit, the stakes were very high, he has to DQ himself.

    Golf is self enforcing, as is, how you conduct yourself in life. It’s a damn shame that Tiger was tested in such a public arena. I have sorrow for him.

    • The Noce’s

      Call in from fans are wrong. Period. How about the players that are not around the lead. They have way, way less TV time, if any. they do not have twenty million extra eyes on them. Is that fair? No. It is not balanced.

  • Biga272001

    Golf is the dumbest fucking sport anyways. What kind of sport would allow players to be rewponsible for penalizing themselves? Better yet, let spectators call in to express grievances with mishaps they see on tv? No wonder why they need a whole week to play. Never understood why people want to see how many times it takes to hit a ball into a hole 300 yards away. Who cares?

  • Tevita Mafi

    FYI..Since the penalty was not assessed until the next day, Tiger did NOT signed an incorrect scorecard. A new rule was put in just two years ago for this reason so penalties can be assessed later and not DQ players who already signed their scorecards.

  • carbuff350z

    Montana needs to stick to football cause he does not know squat about golf

  • TriEd

    Montana should mind his own business and stick with football. Football is a team gay sport and so many dummies are running around they need refs and linesmen to make the calls. Golf is a individual sport and for the longest times “honest” golfers have policed themselves. It took a tiger woods to make a fiasco of that practice. Woods was wrong twice. He made an ilegal drop and then he signed a card with a lower score than that which he had actually taken. Penalty, DISQUALIFICATION. Plain and simple. But woods would not accept the penalty, sucked around for a preferental ruling and some how got it. (I wonder how much money changed hands to make that happen.) Now any where I go to golf people are saying woods is a golf cheat and a thief if he took a prize money cheque and cashed it.

  • Barry Bond

    Joe unfortunately if we took your approach then Tiger would have been DQ period after the fact without any review.

  • Barry Bond

    Golf isn’t better than any other sport – its well down the list as a spectator sport – now for personal value it helps when those bones cant take the fields of the more exciting sports

  • Rock

    Hey Joe, Love you, but stick to football and while you are at it , read the f ing rule book.