John Calipari will be paying tuition for two lucky students at Blue-White Scrimmage

John Calipari will be forking over tuition money for two lucky students for the upcoming spring semester.

His Wildcats’ Blue-White Scrimmage was already presumably going to be packed. If any students had been on the fence about going, however, Coach Cal just added a huge incentive with his offer to pay tuition for two in attendance.

Calipari has taken a lot of flak for various reasons while at Kentucky, but this latest move is absolutely fantastic.

It’s good that Calipari made sure to mention “one other thing.” Undergraduate tuition at the University of Kentucky ranges from $4,983.00 for lower-level in-state, up to $10,677.00 for upper-level out-of-state. Masters and graduate degrees can cost anywhere from $5,386.00 up to $17,826.00 for a non-residential law student.

That’s a lot of coin, no matter how many millions of dollars Calipari may be making himself.