John Elway’s birthplace rooting for Seahawks to win the Super Bowl

John Elway’s birthplace will forsake its favorite son on Super Bowl Sunday. Port Angeles, Washington is standing firmly behind the Seahawks for the big game.

“I’d say our city’s bond with John will be tenuous at best on Sunday,” said Dwayne Johnson, the athletic director at Port Angeles High School. “It’s going to be full-blown support for the Seahawks on Sunday.”

The city prides itself on claiming one of the greatest NFL players in history. However, with Seattle roughly 85 miles away, the 12th Man will be strong in Port Angeles. Nevertheless, the town is still happy to be playing against Elway’s Broncos.

“I guess if the Seahawks have to lose, it might as well be to Elway and the Broncos,” Johnson said. “It’s better than losing to the Steelers.”

On February 2, for one day, Elway will be a man without a country.