John Harbaugh prank calls his parents during 2013 Super Bowl media call

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh at press conference after the AFC Championship game against the New England Patriots in the AFC championship game at Gillette Stadium. The Ravens defeated the Patriots 28-13. (Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports)

Super Bowl XLVII is going to be a family affair of epic proportions. For the first time in the history of the game’s title tilt, two brothers will face off as opposing head coaches — perhaps you have heard about that already.

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So intense is this matchup that the most logical place to go looking for answers in terms of what could possibly be going through the minds of these coaches is obviously their loving parents.

Where else?

From their home in Wisconsin, the Momma and Poppa Harbaugh spent an hour on the phone taking questions from media members located throughout the country. When a certain ‘John from Baltimore’ was introduced to ask his question, Jack and Jackie thought nothing of it — until John’s question was asked, that is.

“Question from Baltimore — is it true both of you like Jim better than John?” he asked.

According to CBS Sports, Jackie practically jumped out of her seat and right through the phone, screaming “IT IS NOT!” while Jack stammered to try to put together some sort of semblance of an answer to the crazy question.

Luckily, however, Joani, the Harbaugh sister (and yes, all of their names start with ‘J’) and wife of Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean, was in the same room as her folks. She recognized her brother’s voice on the other end of the line.

John Harbaugh had prank called his parents on a media phone call with just over a week remaining until the biggest game of his coaching career.

Glad to see he’s keeping things loose around Baltimore. However, with just one question he had managed to wind his mother up tighter than a Chick-fil-A representative at a gay pride parade.

Let the family fun begin.

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