Johnny Football and NCAA violations? Steve Kerr questions his courtside seats [Video]

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

After appearing on both the Tonight Show and on Lettermen, after meeting celebrities and having his mug plastered all over Times Square, Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel has finally done something to draw the ire of the sports world.

And all he did was take in a couple of Texas basketball games.

However, the games were on back-to-back nights — and they were courtside: Wednesday night Johnny Football was sitting comfortably at the Houston Rockets game. On Thursday, there he was yet again, this time courtside at the Dallas Mavericks game as they took on the Miami Heat.

Pricey seats.

Thus, the question had to be asked, and it was TNT’s NBA announcer, Steve Kerr, who finally just went ahead and said it:

“How does a college kid get courtside seats to a Mavs game? Those are expensive seats. I’m just going to throw that out there.”

“Just because he’s playing in the SEC now, I’m not trying to insinuate anything …”

Kerr, of all people, knows what he is talking about. The man played sports at the very highest of professional levels. The greatest to ever play the game, Michael Jordan, actually passed the ball to him, instead of keeping it for himself, so that Kerr could hit an open jump shot to win an NBA Finals game. He has multiple championship rings from his time not only in Chicago, but also in the state of Texas, where he helped Tim Duncan to a couple of titles.

He has also been a general manager, so he understands the fine line when, as a pro, he is trying to deal with college kids and rookies.

However, all of that being said, was it really necessary for him to call out not only Johnny Football, but the entire SEC like that?

Mr. Manziel does not think so:

What do you think about all this hoopla, Gamedayr Nation?

Is it all exactly that, just some brew-ha-ha, or does this issue run deeper? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  • Keith

    Steve Kerr is WHO? A has been wanting Attention?

  • Jeff Hunt

    Well he (Kerr) did ask a question and he might have thought like others. So how many college guys or woman can realy spend alot of money on seats at 2 games, in one night, There has been those guys and gals that have done wrong and Mr. Keer was putting it out there for plp to think about it and ask the question themselves, and it happened to be Johnny Football sitting there. What if it was another person would he had said the same thing about them? Well the question is, Kerr should have ask that question to him, in private and got his answer. If Johnny Football is in the wrong, then go after him, plus let him explain himself before acussing him. I hope he wasnt doing wrong, but if he is, then Mr Football needs to be giving up the his trophy. Keer did do it at the wrong time, but it was news and Keer is a antaizist, plus doing his job. Keer did say it kinda wrong and plus wrong time, but I think he did say it for the World to see and ask the Question. So i feel for both parties. Wrong place and time. Johnny I just hope u didnt do wrong and if u did, then ull pay the price, more than 2 tickets.

  • Sixxxer

    His parents arent exactly on Foodstamps; my guess is his dad scored the tickets or helped his son purchase them. People really need to mind their own business.

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  • Sarah

    They don’t need to mind their own business if an NCAA player could potentially be doing something that would get him kicked out and his Heisman taken from him. We live with rules, “Sixxxer”. I suppose you think we should get rid of stoplights and other such silly devices?

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