Johnny Manziel NFL Jersey Sales Are Soaring Through The Roof

We figured that they’d be impressive, but so far the sales for Johnny Manziel jerseys on are blowing expectations out of the water. Not only is Manziel’s the top selling NFL rookie jersey, but it’s also the top selling jersey among all NFL players.

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Even more impressive is how sales stack up against some of the recent big names to come out of college. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the numbers have surpassed Robert Griffin III, Andrew Luck and Tim Tebow … combined. Take that in for a minute.

Nike has opened up the Manziel flood gates on NFL fans across the country.

Nike, which has an endorsement deal with Manziel and is also the league’s official uniform supplier, is offering Manziel jerseys in every version in every size. The company has also made special Manziel Browns shirts which read “Johnny Football,” “Manziel or Nothing” and a women’s shirt that says “My Manziel.”

Another high-profile draftee, Michael Sam, follows Manziel with the second highest selling jersey among NFL rookies. Although he isn’t guaranteed a spot on the roster, it seems as if fans are just happy to own a piece of history.