Johnny Manziel, Ryan Swope to appear in country music video

Photo via USA Today

Photo via USA Today

WATCH: Johnny Football’s music video debut

Remember how it’s good to be Johnny Manziel? Yeah, well, it still is.

Johnny Football has spent his offseason dominating Spring Break, golfing with his family at Pebble Beach, throwing out the first pitch at a Rangers and a Padres game and has found time to squeeze in some blindfolded passing drills with renowned quarterback guru George Whitfield.

Take a moment to catch your breath, because there’s more: Johnny Football and his former A&M teammate, Ryan Swope (who himself has had a pretty great offseason, being selected by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2013 NFL Draft) are both set to make appearances in a country music video.

That’s right, after striking the Heisman pose with Wale, kickin’ it with 2 Chainz, and even meeting LeBron James, Manziel is getting back to his Texas roots. You will be able to find the two Aggies ballers in Texas A&M alumnus Granger Smith’s song “Silverado Bench Seat,” set to debut on College Football Live on Friday.

“It goes right alongside what [Manziel]’s been doing,” said Smith, via USA Today. “He’s entered the pop culture like no A&M quarterback ever has – rarely has any college quarterback entered the pop culture. I think at first it made everyone nervous: ‘How’s this gonna pan out? Is he gonna end up in trouble somewhere?’ But I think we’ve all embraced his personality. This is just him, how he embraces life to the fullest.”

Manziel is going to be in a pickup truck alongside a co-ed, as the photo above depicts. If you were wondering if Johnny Football is technically allowed to appear in videos and the like despite his amateur status, he is — provided he accepts no compensation for his time, of course.

Smith made it clear that Manziel had not seen a dime, although his motivation was more to save his own skin than anything.

“I would be excommunicated from the Aggie community, for sure,” Smith said.

As for the video itself, Smith stays humble.

“This video isn’t gonna change any lives or turn country music around or anything,” Smith said. “We didn’t want it to. We just wanted it to flow. We just wanted a day in the life of a couple with a truck sharing moments together.

“That’s all it is.”

Except for when Johnny Football is involved, then it’s never quite so small-time.

Yes, in case you were wondering, Manziel and Smith have a history together. Smith’s “We Bleed Maroon” has become a staple at A&M football games. When his tour took him to College Station last January, Manziel and his buddies hopped up on stage and joined right in.

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