Rumors of Johnny Manziel smoking weed at Texas frat house circulating web, hold your horses folks


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Johnny Manziel decided it was time to crash Austin and the University of Texas this weekend. On his to-do list? Party down with a bunch of Texas frat bros.

He was booed out of one party, as this video suggests, and spotted at another rocking a Tebow jersey.

The latest to surface on Manziel’s Austin escapades is rumors and the below photo that the star quarterback was smoking weed at a frat house.

First, let’s step back for a minute and analyze this situation.

Manziel is the star QB for the Texas A&M Aggies, Texas’ most-hated rival and the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. He is partying down at a UT frat house, where anyone could be smoking weed, and there are no photos of him “hitting a bong” as one source confirmed. Manziel, for all we know, could have been reaching for anything in this picture.

In addition, most likely everyone around him is a die-hard Longhorns fan and would love nothing more than to bring Mr. Football down. Snapping a photo and “confirming” that Manziel hit the bong would be an honor for them. But who is to say he actually hit this so-called bong?

Maybe he did, but until we have photos that clearly show him hitting a bong, let’s all relax on the rumors.

Haven’t we all learned that Johnny America isn’t that dumb?

*UPDATE* The source has removed their article claiming that Manziel was hitting the bong.

  • Blue

    Aren’t there “Beer Bongs” as well?

  • Guest

    na thats one of those weed pipes ive hit one of those you can see the smoke too