Johnny Football ticketed for speeding, judge posts details to Facebook before trial

Courtesy Justin Kaspar Twitter feed

Johnny Manziel’s parents were recently called into the Texas A&M athletic department office and asked to help urge their son to “grow up”.

Well, after poppin’ bottles over New Years — which prompted the call to the principal’s office — all Johnny Football has done is sit courtside at another Houston Rockets game and now get ticketed for speeding.

Mr. Football is not dumb, he’s just enjoying his new status as a national icon and Heisman winner.

On the other hand, Judge Lee Johnson, who posted on his personal Facebook feed that he would be dealing with Manziel’s ticket, is dumb.

Very, very dumb.

After spending four years as an undergrad, another three in law school, and however many as a working lawyer before heading behind the bench, one would assume Johnson has some brains.

Instead, starstruck as he was, he risked his job as well as disbarment with this totally unnecessary post. He may be making fun of Manziel, but the eggs are all over this guy’s face.

Check out pics of Johnny Football’s girlfriend, model Sarah Savage.

  • Jean Hubbard

    The judge is a moron.

  • Jake Fry

    Look at that face. This is all about what he will be making in 2 more years.

  • JustMe

    Lee Johnson has finally brought his true colors to the American public. He has nationally embarassed the City of Ennis and hopefully the city manager, Steve Howerton, will stop covering for him. Lee Johnson is notorious in the city of Ennis for degrading the citizens who go before him in court. I myself have suffered through one of his tirades and I wasn’t even the person in question. I was personally chastized for my association with the person he set bail for. Lee Johnson is an embarassment and a thorn in the side of the city of Ennis. Hopefully this juvenile degredation of his, regarding Johnny Manziel, will NOT be swept under an already full rug. Lee Johnson should finally be made accountable for his unprofessional & childish actions.


    This is not the first time the honorable judge johnson has stepped out of bounds. Yes little letters are correct he is a small man. He took my girl friend into his office and told her he would make sure that I went through anger management as part of my punishment. He convicted me before my case went before the DA and Grand Jury. It is time for the city of Ennis to say enough is enough. He needs fired and disbarred. He has used his office for over twenty years for his own personal gain. He is an embarassment to the city of Ennis and now the whole country knows what an idiot he is.

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