Johnny Manziel takes in Toronto Raptors game and maybe some 5 a.m. shenanigans

johnny manziel football toronto raptors courtside

So here’s the thing: We know that Johnny Football heads over to the Texas A&M compliance office to make sure the places in which he “balls out” are OK to do so — but we’re still extremely jealous.

After being spotted sitting courtside at both a Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets game (which are both in understandably close proximity to his Texas A&M campus) the Aggies’ star quarterback was called out at a Toronto game.

What was he doing there? Obviously, taking in a Raptors game as the video below shows, but he also had himself a few interesting nights, we’re sure.

We’re still working on diggin’ up pics of Manziel’s Toronto escapades, but until then, just continue to be jealous of the courtside love this college kid is getting.

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