Rumor Mill: Arkansas Razorbacks have offered Jon Gruden a contract

There have been widespread rumors running rampant throughout the SEC that current Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden is the prime head coaching target at both Arkansas and Tennessee.

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Despite the fact that Tennessee fired coach Derek Dooley on Sunday, it now looks as if it is Arkansas that has made the first move.

You’ve got to love Twitter (reported via Jim Harris, formerly of

By now everyone and their mother out in good ole’ Arky have had enough of interim coach John L. Smith, who took over following Bobby Petrino’s embarrassing and disastrous fall from both a motorcycle and grace before the season.

Now, finally – shall we say ‘mercifully’? Yes we shall – the brutal season for the Razorbacks and the Volunteers are coming to an end.

With every end comes a new beginning.

For the fan bases of both of these schools, that beginning is hopefully the start of the Jon Gruden era.

According to Harris, it looks as if Arkansas has already taken a step in that direction. Will Tennessee follow suit?

We will keep digging to find any truth behind this first bit information to surface. Stay tuned, the games have just begun.

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