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Rumor Mill: Jon Gruden to meet with Tennessee athletic director


It s a new day, so there must be a new Jon Gruden-to-Tennessee coaching rumor. Oh wait, we already had one of those today.

Heck, let’s make it a two-fer for all those desperate Vols fans out there. As in, ‘let’s make it a two-fer for every Vols fan out there’.

Mike Freeman, an NFL insider, tweeted early Wednesday afternoon:

Gruden may meet with Vols AD later this week, I’m told. But Gruden’s main goal is heading back to pros.

So there you go, Vols Nation. We know this rumor doesn’t exactly put any meat on your body but at least we’ve got a bone to throw your way.

That said, a meeting is a meeting. Maybe he will come out of it so impressed that he signs on to the dual rigors of both coaching and recruiting at the collegiate level. He did get his start, after all, as a graduate assistant in Knoxville and his wife is a UT grad.

With something new coming out every day, each rumor more ridiculous than the last, this is starting to feel like that scene in Dumb and Dumber where Lloyd responds to the rejection by the girl that is way out of his league by saying, “One in a million? So, you’re telling me there’s a chance!”

We all know you are in desperate need of a winning football program, but remember, just in case Gruden walks into athletic director Dave Hart’s office and says, ‘Dude, you suck, I’m gonna go coach the Philadelphia Eagles,” there are still plenty of fish in the sea — and those fish, like Gruden, are not named Derek Dooley.

However, those fish will most assuredly be smaller, and not nearly as much fun to tweet about.

H/T: Fansided

Latest from around Gamedayr >> UT may only have eyes for Gruden, but Arkansas is looking at several candidates, with Boise State’s Chris Peterson heading the list.

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