Report: Texas job is one of the few Jon Gruden would consider

Welcome back to the Jon Gruden coaching carousel. Each year, with every major job opening, Gruden’s name arises as a potential replacement. Just as quickly as the rumors rise, Gruden shoots them down.

This year, however, the Wagyu beef of college football coaching gigs is on the table, and Gruden is reportedly willing to sit down for a dinnertime conversation. reports that Gruden is “open to hearing” about what the Longhorns have to offer.

Although Gruden has flourished in broadcasting with ESPN since his departure from NFL coaching, our source mentioned that the Texas job is one of the few offers that Gruden would consider, claiming that the Super Bowl-winning coach views the position as one a few “premiere” jobs that he would consider if approached about them during an opening.

“It’s Austin, it’s not like any other city in Texas or anywhere, really. It’s a destination, but with the state capitol, the university, the politics and the media, it’s the eye of a hurricane,” the source said of Gruden’s interest. “(James) Franklin, (Jim) Mora, they’re are great coaches – but stepping into this sort of situation for the first time? You’re going to have limited success.”

The source goes on to say that when Texas calls, you have to listen.

“It’s no secret that every major position that comes open stirs Gruden rumors. The reason why the talks never go anywhere is because there are definitely two, maybe three, situations he’s always said he would have to listen to,” the source said. “When Texas calls, you gotta listen.”

Gruden has yet to be contacted by Texas, and there is no telling whether Athletic Director Steve Patterson even intends to. Recently, Patterson unveiled the qualities he’s looking for in the Longhorns’ next head coach. One of the resume requirements was significant experience coaching in the college ranks. Gruden doesn’t exactly fit that, having spent a total of five years coaching in the NCAA, all as an assistant (or grad assistant).

Recently, it was reported that Gruden only had eyes for the NFL. However, If there was ever a college that could procure the Super Bowl winning coach, it may very well be Texas.

  • williered

    The next coach at Texas must have a documented record of outstanding success as a recruiter. Unlike the NFL, this is the lifeblood of every successful college program. In addition, the coaching staff must have the ability to coach the players to improve and play at a higher level than they did in high school or JUCO programs.

  • Ronz9

    Patterson…don’t even think about it….just pick up your orange phone, punch in 1-800-dialchucky and ask him when he wants the G5 to be there. Not too complicated and that’s all that’s required of you. 1st week on the job and you can get this all settled. There are only 5,000 great recruiters tied to the TX program–not a concern in the least. Delegate. Just call him. High school kids understand TV shows, Gruden’s Grinders, his superlative QB camps and a guy sitting there in the living room eating Mom’s cookies with a massive Super Bowl ring dangling from his hand. Call the guy.

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