Magical Munchkin Cheeseheads? Jordy Nelson stars in new Wisconsin commercial

jordy nelson wisconsin packers commercial

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson stars in a new Travel Wisconsin commercial. Let’s take a few moments to run down how much awesomeness has been packed into one promo spot, shall we?

  • A scenic shot of lovely, middle American Kansas: What politician wouldn’t love to use these few seconds for a campaign video?
  • One of the greatest quotes in cinematic history: “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” Just awesome.
  • Green Bay Packers star Jordy Nelson, a Kansas State alum, as the one who says it. Doubly awesome (sorry Bears fans).
  • A pack of mini/magic Munchkin Cheeseheads, just triply awesome.
  • Wisconsin in the fall, duh.

Talk about heading over the rainbow.

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[H/T: NFL Reddit]