Jose Canseco shows off his artistic skills with Bud Selig portrait, make him an offer

jose canseco bud selig portrait painting

For those of you who didn’t know, former MLB star turned reality sideshow Jose Canseco is a bit of an artist. We wouldn’t go world class just yet, as he needs to brush up on his stroke skills (pun intended), but this original piece of Bud Selig is rather impressive.

A fire-breathing unicorn dragon with baseball stitches along his neck, we get it Jose. At least we think we get it.

For those of you wondering, yes Canseco did it himself.

And yes, he is auctioning it off via the Twitter-verse.

For comparisons sake, here’s the human version of Bud Selig.

Chris Morrison-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Morrison-USA TODAY Sports

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  • Balmohan

    …after reading the errors, it’s got to be Jose trying to rip-off a buyer.