‘Commissioner’ Jose Canseco takes to Twitter to try to fix baseball

Photo: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Photo: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With the news of Bud Selig’s decision to retire as the commissioner of Major League Baseball, the one and only Jose Canseco put forth an immediate nominee to replace him: Canseco himself.

In fact, the proud steroid user and resident crazy person took to Twitter to formally make his announcement. He did not stop there, however.

As #cansecommisioner, the masses expect him to provide means of changing the game – and of course he did. He wanted to give the world 10 things to improve the game, but wound up giving us an 11th as an unwitting bonus. This guy right here, y’all.

1. Let’s get things going in a big, moobies sort of way.

2. We actually like this idea, but it’s “eminent,” not “imminent,” sorry Commish.

3. Wouldn’t this have shortened Canseco’s career by at least five years?

4. Juice what now? (side note: you’ll notice he messed up his numbering here)

5. He’s definitely not the only person that hates umps.

6. Pete Rose can get behind this one.

7. We’ve always had a feeling Canseco wasn’t 100-percent human.

8. As long as these kids are only watching 100-percent humans.

9. A little page out of the NHL rulebook here.

10. Best rule change idea yet?

11. Game on.